Celebrate & Click October 2017: The Power of Words

Nov 14

Lucknow Toastmasters Club

Words can empower, motivate, words attract, elevate, demean, alienate,

Roli Sinha – Our Shelter from the Storm (Pat on Back)

Nov 10

There is a strange looming urban legend associated with my time as a Vice-President Membership at Delhi One Toastmasters (DOTM) – that every member who eventually enrolled as a member during that

A story of a dream, a dream of a story!

Oct 10

For a long time, the subject of dream has intrigued me personally. What are dreams really? Philosophers say, it is a projection of our own reality, and psychologists say it is our subconscious mind that builds pictures. But then, if reality is just a matter of perspectives, as they say,

NEI Toastmasters Club Launched !!

Oct 05

It seems like it was only yesterday that NEI Toastmasters Club took its first step of Toastmasters journey and now here we are completing our one full month at NEI. 

Celebrate & Click for September 2017 – Mentoring Matters!

Sep 30

In Steel Toastmasters Club, Jamshedpur

As goes the Buddhist proverb, if you light a lantern for someone, your own path gets enlightened, and this clearly explains how Mentoring matters in our lives. 

Our 168th meeting started off with the mandatory rules explained by our SAA TM Shilpi. TM Medha as the

Club Launch – Ranchi Toastmasters Club, Area L3, Division L

Sep 24

“Dreams are not that you see when you are asleep, rather dreams are the things that keep you from sleeping.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

We had a collective dream

The Unseen Teacher (Happy Teacher’s Day)

Sep 05

Dear Sir Ralph C. Smedley,

We would like to express our gratitude and respect to the Founder of Toastmasters International in this 5th of September on the occasion of Happy Teachers Day. Even though

Carnival 2017 Hosted by Toastmasters Community Club, Bhubaneswar

Aug 27

Keeping up with the traditions of Toastmasters Community Club, organized its annual celebratory event, ‘Carnival’ on 27 August ’17

Hours of planning, hard work and dedication led the event to a grand success.

The Secret of Great Leadership @North South University Toastmasters

Aug 24

As we were coming up with ideas for the theme in our 15th North South University Toastmasters meeting, a post by Smita Pati, District 41’s Newsletter Editor to have a meeting themed “The Secrets

Delhi Toastmasters Club turns 1 year old!

Aug 20

  First Birthday marks a major milestone in anyone’s life and everyone looks forward to it. The club members were excited about the club’s birthday. Delhi Toastmasters celebrated its first birthday on 20th August 2017. A full house

The Secret of Great Leadership @ Turning Point Toastmasters

Aug 17

Turning Point Toastmasters’ 16th Meeting turned out to be an energy-packed, informative and knowledgeable session.

TMOD Mridula with the theme “The Secrets to Great Leadership” kept everyone engaged with many leadership tips.

Speaker Rahul Chaudhary delivered

Top-up COTP for Division L

Aug 15

Division L Top Up COTP

Division L, District 41, the newest division of 2017 has been in the limelight since its day of inception.

Spreading its wings from Bhubaneswar to Bihar and Jharkhand, a top-up COTP was arranged in Jamshedpur for the clubs who could not attend the training at Bhubaneswar.

Dr Chetna Verma,

All Women Meet @Delhi Junction Toastmasters

Jul 29

District 41`s probably the first ever and one of the most powerful “women`s only roster” was introduced by Delhi Junction Toastmasters club on Saturday, 29th of July, 2017. The club has conducted a one of a kind ‘Women Special

‘Young Orators Gavel Club Jaipur’: First Gavels Club in Division-D

Jul 23

  Not all Sundays are for sleeping, running errands or fixing the broken. Some Sundays are for creating history. A history that has legacy. a legacy, that can be passed on and written in golden

COTP at Division L

Jul 23

The first COTP for the newly formed division of District 41Division L was a huge success, with a grand opening ceremony for a grand entity coming into existence. And

IIM Calcutta’s Guts and Glory

Jul 22

On 22nd July 2017, IIM Calcutta Toastmasters Club organised their 66th Toastmasters Meeting themed “No Guts No Glory”. Given the inclement weather it was indeed a display of guts by special guests who travelled for

Division-D (Rajasthan), District-41: COTP+JTP, Jaipur

Jul 22

The illuminating ‘Leaders Conclave’ – COTP and JTP for Division-D (Rajasthan), District 41 took place at SKIT Jaipur on July 22, 2017. Experienced toastmasters from various corners stepped in to light the candles of effective leadership.

Pinkcity Toastmaster Club Celebrates 101st Meeting !!

Jul 16

  The Pinkcity Toastmasters Club, Division-D (Rajasthan), the first ever community club in Jaipur, celebrated its 101st meeting on 16th July 2017

Do it like TechM

Jul 15

American author Hilary Hinton once said “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. With this quote as the motto, Tech Mahindra Bhubaneswar Toastmasters Club was kicked off.. Read More

50 & Fantastic

Jul 06

Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar SEZ Celebrates 50th Session

The 50th session of Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar SEZ was held on the 6th of July from 3

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