PR Awards

Best Club Newsletter Award

Newsletters help keep current members engaged, while attracting the guests and not-so-active members to join the learning and festivities happening at your club. The secret to a good newsletter is simple – quality. It may be used an effective tool to promote the club and the Toastmasters brand. District 41 understands the hard work and passion that goes into making every single issue of your newsletter. That’s why every year we’re going to reward you for your valuable compilations through the ‘Best Club Newsletter Award’. This award will be presented to the active and paid club with the best newsletter at Oration 2017- District 41 Annual Conference to be held in May, 2017.

Judgement Criteria:

  • Interesting, understandable and relevant content.
  • Good design and aesthetic sense.
  • Accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Article submission by several club members.
  • Active promotion of club events, awards and its members and their activities.
  • Active promotion of Toastmasters brand and its mission and vision.
  • Innovative means to involve not so active club members.
  • Best practice on communication and leadership.


Detailed Breakup of Marks:

Evaluation will be done by a panel of judges appointed by the District 41 Public Relations Manager in agreement with the District 41 Trio. The judges’ decision will be final in all respects.

Evaluation criteria and points (Total Score 100):

  • Quality of Contents – 30
  • Educational and Informative – 10
  • Originality – 10
  • Correct spelling, good grammar, punctuation, language etc. (Good language need not imply verbose) – 10
  • Design and Layout – 20
  • Attractive Cover Page – 10
  • Clear layout, discrete page numbers, etc., to enhance readability – 7
  • Table of Contents – 3
  • Promotion of Club Level Activities – 15
  • Time, day, and location of regular Club meetings – 2
  • Promotion of upcoming and immediately past special meetings/ events of the club – 10
  • Club contact information such as club PR or Editor contact details – 3
  • Brand Promotion – 20
  • Content alignment with the mission and vision of Toastmasters International – 10
  • Following the brand guidelines of Toastmasters International – 5
  • Author rightfully credited for each article – 5
  • Frequency of Publication (submission of three newsletters – one per quarter –earns the club 10, if only one submitted then 5, if two newsletters are submitted then 10, if three newsletters submitted then 15) – 15
  • Total – 100

The ‘Best Newsletter’ will be chosen by the Public Relations Office of District 41. The decisions taken by them, with respect to adjudging the winner, will be final. The winner will be announced during ‘Oration 2017’ – the Annual Conference of District 41.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Conformance to Toastmasters Brand Guidelines.
  • Originality of content (contributions).
  • Newsletters must be in the PDF format. Only soft copy submissions will be considered for evaluation.


Date of Submission:

1st Newsletter 15th November , 2016
2nd Newsletter 20th March , 2017
3rd Newsletter 20th April, 2017

Best Club Website

Website can be used an effective tool to promote Toastmasters activities. They also act a source of information for members and guests. Keeping these in mind District 41 PR team is introducing the Best Club Website Award.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All the active and paid clubs having an active, well maintained site following TI branding norms are eligible for this award. This award will be judged using a transparent points system.
  • Prominent Display of Toastmasters Logo in Header of all pages.
  • Effective use of website template for clubs as provided by TI.
  • Prominent Display of link to Toastmasters International Website on the Home page.
  • Prominent Display of link to District 41’s website on the Home page.
  • Prominent display of link to Club’s contact information, Facebook group/page and other social media links for the club etc.
  • Prominent display of links to District 41’s Facebook page, group, Twitter handle, YouTube Channel and Instagram account.
  • Prominent display of Club Name, Meeting Venue, Address, Meeting Time, Directions to the venue on the Home page. These details must be latest and updated.
  • Conformance to TI brand guidelines and mission and vision.


Evaluation Criteria for the Best Club Website Award (Total Possible Score 100):

  • Toastmasters Club Information (Calendar/List of Events, Steps to Join the club, Contact Information of the SPOC to Join the club, the link to club’s updated DCP Report), Information about the club alignment to Area, Division, District, Information about the Club EC, Club President’s Message. – 0-15
  • Conformation to TI branding guidelines, mission and vision. – 0-10
  • Layout and Design (User Experience, Readability) – 0-15
  • Contents on the website (Write-ups, Educational program and Leadership tracks details, Testimonials, Videos, Newsletters, Gallery, Recognition of individual achievements.) – 0-15
  • Promotion of activities/campaigns of club, area, division and District. – 0-15
  • Links to club, area, division and District’s websites and social media links. – 0-15
  • Frequency of maintenance. – 0-15


How to Apply

Nominations need to be sent with the details of the club and the website to by 15th November, 2016 (1st Term) and (15th April , 2017 for the second term).


  • 1st Term: 15th November, 2016
  • 2nd Term: 15th April, 2017

Flyer of the Month

Flyers are a very professional and effective way of visual communication. Flyers are a standing example to show that a picture can speak a thousand words. They play a very important and a very significant role in publicity of events within the Toastmasters fraternity. Hence this award is to recognize the people who make the best flyer, every month, which has effectively and professionally spread the name of Toastmasters across borders.


  • Any active member of District 41 who has designed a flyer / poster / invite and is in good standing is eligible to apply for this award.(Effective October 1st, 2016, there is no grace period for membership).
  • Each applicant is allowed to submit only one flyer at a time. Multiple flyers from the same applicant will not be entertained. However, the same applicant can apply for the award every month, but with a different flyer.
  • The flyer must be designed by the applicant, that too during that particular month.
  • The flyer must adhere to TMI branding regulations. ( TMI logo, name and tagline).
  • The flyer must not contain any image or any reference to sex, religion and politics.
  • The flyer must be professional and must cater to all age groups.
  • The flyer must have been used for a Toastmasters related promotional activity on the District 41 Facebook group ( before applying for this award.


Evaluation Criteria

  • Top 3-4 flyers will be selected and they will be posted on District 41 Facebook page (
  • The number of Likes (on the District 41 Toastmasters FB page only) and Shares for the particular flyer will be taken into account. The statistics will be considered for the final marking. The number of likes will carry only 10% weightage in the final scores. The likes upto a particular announced date will only be considered.
  • One winner out of the top 3 will be announced in the following month.
  • A team of 3 judges will evaluate the flyer and decide on the winner. Judges decision will be final.


How to Apply

  • Submission Window will be open between 20th and 25th of every month.
  • Applicants can send their flyers to


Important Dates

  • The application opens from the 20th till the 25th of every month. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • Flyers which are created after the 25th of a particular month can be submitted for the next month contest.

Article of the Month (Newsletter)

The best article in the District 41’s monthly newsletter will be recognized/awarded. The best article will be selected by a panel of judges.

Club with the Best Social Media Presence

The club with maximum social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) will be awarded in Oration 2017. Facebook will be given maximum weightage while selecting the winner.
The club must be publicizing/sharing their regular meeting details, event details and District’s awards/campaigns on their Facebook group/Facebook page.
Adherence to TI branding guidelines and innovation in utilising social media for publicizing Toastmasters events and meetings, will be considered while shortlisting the winner.

PR Awards