PR Events

PR Connect

This initiative by District 41 is to connect the Vice President – Public Relations of the 103+ Toastmasters club in the District. PR Connect is built to enable collaboration, connections and continuous learning among the VP – PR’s of all clubs, with smooth percolation of District 41 initiatives to the club level.

Pat on the Back

  • Praise any members publicly on social media for their contributions to Toastmasters and members.
  • Pat on the back may also be extended to achievements and awards in the field of Toastmasters.
  • Use hash tags #D41patontheback


This is a campaign to promote gratitude among all Toastmasters. The members can be thankful publicly to anyone who helps them through medium like social media using #D41Gracias hash tags.

Movers and Shakers

  • Recognise Toastmasters who have made humongous contributions to Toastmasters , have strengthened the Toastmasters as a brand.
  • Recognise Toastmasters who have made positive and significant contributions in non-Toastmasters areas.
  • This campaign will be launched at District and club levels.


PR Events

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Results of PR Events

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