Trio Messages

District Director’s Message

Mukesh Kulothia

You have landed at the right place. In case you are a Toastmaster, I wanted to share my vision with you and in case you are not one, I wanted to invite you to join this 92 years old truly global leader in Communication & Leadership Development Organization.

From my experience, I want to share that ‘Toastmasters Transforms Lives’! The Education Program of Toastmasters in Communication & Leadership is the best in the world and the process of learning to lead is also unique here. It is completely ‘learning by doing culture’ and the environment in all clubs is motivating to grow. It makes you a possibility thinker, doer and a better team player. If you follow the process right, within 2 years you should be a completely transformed personality.

Ah, in case you have been there for some time with us in District 41 – let me tell you; this session 2016-17 is going to be DIFFERENT.
Our District 41, is going to claim the Rank#1 in the world and you as a member are going to witness, contribute and get benefited from the change in quality as well as quantity of Awards, members & clubs in the District.

This year, the success is going to be inclusive and 100% of the base clubs are going to be DISTINGUISHED or above. You will see many members completing their DTM and Triple Crowns.

Be proud that you are a Toastmaster at right time in right District. Plan your success and let the District feel great that you are its part, let the whole District be proud of yours & your club’s success!

Yours in service,

Mukesh Kumar, DTM

District Director, District 41, 2016-17

Toastmasters International